- MAKO -

AEM takes you in to the world of fly fishing for Mako sharks.

Angler's Eye Media presents their latest adventure searching out one of the strongest, most aggressive fish on the planet - the mako shark. Off the Coast of southern California exists one of the world’s top mako fisheries. With speed, strength, and what may be the most acrobatic aerials on the planet the mako will test not only their gear and knowledge, but also your will and determination to find and catch these world-class apex predators. Only at the International Fly Fishing Film Festival in 2018!


Giant tarpon and a chance at history!

Imagine a world where the jungle meets the coast and the fly fishing is incredible. That's Costa Rica. Follow angler's Mark Martin and Alex Beck as they attempt the impossible: Costa Rica's first Grand Slam. What is typically thought of as primarily a great tarpon fishery, Captain Mark has discovered untouched waters, which hold permit and bonefish. But after a week of jumping and losing many 100+ pound tarpon, they find themselves with a chance to make history. The only thing standing in their way... the giant tarpon that have given them nothing but trouble all week. Come along for the ride to see if history will be made.


Angler Eye Media is proud to report that our two most recent projects ("In Search of Grande" & "Wide Open") were both nominated for the "Best of Saltwater" category for consecutive Drake Fly Fishing Film Awards.

In addition, "In Search of Grande" won the 2014 International Fly Fishing Film festival!


Tuna on the Fly!

 In search for what is pound for pound the hardest pulling fish in the ocean, anglers Mark Martin and Alex Beck set out on an adventure in Mark's home waters off the coast of San Diego, California. Muscle, speed, and adrenaline are the genetic strengths of yellowfin tuna, and could they also experience the tug of the elusive bluefin tuna on the fly? Join them in their adventure of reel screaming, rod bending, heart pounding action to see if tuna really can claim the title of the hardest pulling fish in the saltwater world.



It started with a fish, but has become so much more!

This is an Adventure Film about catching one of the most elusive fish in the sea. But what its really about, is chasing your dreams.

We hope to inspire many people with our documentary. We want people to go out and chase their Grande! What is your Grande? Maybe it's a trip you have always wanted to take, but have never actually gone. Maybe you’ve wanted to start a creative project or build your own business, but never believed it was actually possible. Maybe you’ve wanted to pursue "THAT" girl or take a leap of faith in hopes that "IT" will work out? Are any of these your Grande, or is it something else?        

In our film, the word "Grande" is a term used for a large Roosterfish. In a class all by itself, 40 pounds or more.

"In Search of Grande" provides an up close and personal perspective of what it really takes to find these fish, including successes and failures. When we began filming our project, we decided to let the story unfold organically. Prior TV/Movie/Web content concentrates mainly on the fishing side of chasing Roosterfish and not much else. "In Search of Grande" has captured so many additional adventures, happenings, places, and people true to the real Roosterfish experience. This gives a great deal of entertaining color to a traditional fishing story. We have captured real people doing real things, taking on the challenge and dealing with surprises along the way to achieving success, which is a great message for all audiences. We want to leave the viewer hungry for personal achievement and motivated to tackle all obstacles along the way.

A natural story arch evolved with early "almosts" and total failures as our quest unfolded. Ironically, the true star of our film decided not to show up until our final day of filming. When we sat back and realized how the two weeks unfolded, everyone looked at one another in amazement. We knew we had something truly special, something totally unscripted.

We know and believe that our project will inspire others to get off the couch, get outside, and chase their Grande. Whatever it may be!


Fly Fishing with San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing and the amazing fishery that exists out of San Diego.

For The Sport Of It is an up close and personal experience with one of the oceans fastest and most explosive fish, the Mako Shark. Follow guide Capt.Mark Martin (owner /operater of San Diego Saltwater Fly Fishing) as he battles these amazing sport fish with nothing more then a fly rod in hand and a relentless passion to preserve our oceans fisheries for future generations to come.